Thursday, 18 June 2009

Teaching each other

I keep thinking about this idea from Swiss Miss' Creative Mornings. What a lovely idea. I also saw a guy at the Tate the other day with a sticker on his t-shirt that said 'I am Smart'. I want one, I'm smart, I need a sticker. I was thinking about getting one and wearing it to our private view, just as a little validation for myself. Luckily I'm even smart enough to be able to make one all by myself!

Lovely Video

Here is a lovely video full of hope sent by my lovely friend Jen. I'm in a place where I'm thinking about possibly becoming an entrepreneur, this is a nice thing to see. All of us have the capacity to change the world, at least I hope so.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A place to check out...

I found The Centre for Human Ecology today via The Do Lectures Website... I'm in the process of attempting to clean up all the 'stuff' of my life and putting it into boxes, so I just wanted to keep a note for later so I can look at it.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

How to make bioplastic...

Here's a video on how they do it... fun, but I found it embedded in an article about PLA - that's not PLA - thats Starch based bioplastic! Two completely different things. Oh I'm annoyed! I wonder if I can make a PR campaign for bioplastic. I think it needs one - people are still incredibly confused and seemingly writing articles about something they have no idea about and then publishing them. I expect more of treehugger generally, I really do. It also makes me wonder about the accuracy of all of their other reports. I guess like anything, one should take it with a GIANT grain of salt.

I do hate how I've been working with the material for a long time, exploring the small details of a complicated issue, and then the press paints with a giant brush to the very audience who would normally be receptive to the use of bioplastics as an alternative to petrochemical plastics... Sustainability is a complicated issue, and we are going to have to look at it like that, nothing in isolation is good or bad, but part of a bigger more intricate chain of events. Until then, I guess I'll toll away in my own little corner, and hopefully make a tiny difference.