Sunday, 25 September 2011


I've been feeling a bit of internet fatigue lately.  All of the amazing things I feel I've seen them already.  Even the books I've been reading lately seem lame.  Guess its time to branch out and start looking elsewhere.  If anyone has any blogs or book suggestions, let me know....

Sunday, 11 September 2011

What it looks like in my head

As I have asked my students to purchase fabric that they believe represents them, I too thought I should do the same.  I was at the beloved Emeline & Annabelle's the other day - and Em thought there was one fabric that reminded her of me... and I guessed quite correctly what she thought

Its Jay McCarroll's fabric from the collection Habitat.  Quite apt for what goes on in my head; absolute chaos, in weird inelegant lines, poor digitization resulting in weird pixilation.  I like it, so I bought some in the pink and grey colouration (the shade orange is absolutely horrendous, and is a visual atrocity, which is an assault on my design feelings).  And then I saw this today on Dexigner, highly amusing, and is how I wished the structure of my thoughts were. I will have to badly Photoshop myself in sometime in the near future, and pretend I have great structure and foresight, if only through wishful thinking.