Saturday, 29 November 2008


I was over at Whip-up today - I haven't be over there in AGES, and I forgot how much I love it.  Now I want to make these... Maybe I should make some for my sister for Christmas... I'm thinking they would be gorgeous painted as well.  The instructions can be found here - from esprit cabane...

Saturday, 22 November 2008

I don't want a band-aid solution

I've been thinking about design and the environment a lot lately. I think it might be part of the MA ethos - think too much, and live inside your head. So I'm letting this thought out into the wide-wide world. I have been thinking about how much stuff is being done to make people in the western world 'aware' of climate change. But we need solutions, not just words. All the solutions may not be right - but its a step in a forward direction at least. I personally don't need more gadgets that tell me stuff about the world (like this toy airplane that tells me the air is polluted). Wouldn't it be better if we put more effort into making the air NOT polluted, instead of telling people its ? I know measurement is an important thing to deal with making people do something - but do you think that really changes people's awareness really changes their actions? I have doubts. I'm working on my own little solution - I don't know if its really necessary, but I'm thinking about it.

Friday, 21 November 2008

About Nothing in particular

I thought I would post about nothing in particular - as I have reader(s?) that I need to entertain. Hmmm... Let me think of all the things I've done this week and do a little recap. On Monday - I can't remember what I did, I was at college I remember that, oh yeah, now I remember - I had a terribly unsuccessful artwork making day. boo to that. Tuesday I had a successful artwork making day, and I even did a couple of digital prints. Wednesday I went to a boring meeting, where I heard a great deal of stuff about the college, but I remember only one thing that Louise said that really stuck with me - that there needs to be room for glorious failure within education. I love the idea of glorious failure! It sounds absolutely beautiful, and intriguing and not safe at all. In the afternoon I played with the heat press in the print room. On Thursday I went to some lectures - one sucked and the other one was great. The one that was great was about Social Enterprise - and it was so great to hear about all sorts of ideas that can be made commercially viable, but make the world a slightly better place. Today I did some work, and I went to the bank, and I had a design epiphany - which I can't give away yet, because that's no fun, and I wouldn't want someone else to do it before I had a chance to do it. I guess that's it, and I hope you enjoyed my mini ramble about stuff you probably didn't care about. Oh the photo is from my galavant to the Tate Modern on Sunday where I indulged in my very favourite London activity - getting tea at the Tate, and wondering what colour combination of mug and teapot I'm going to get. Its the true highlight of my life (I must live a boring life... either that or I'm odd - I'm going to go with odd).

Saturday, 15 November 2008

A Musical Aside

For some reason, I have found two songs from TV commercials that I love. And I thought I would share... I need to buy some albums now, unfortunately they are only available on UK's iTunes site - so I'm going to have to buy CDs. I think I might be watching too much TV. I'm bored, lots to do but still really bored. Just thought I would throw that out there. Anyone else feelin' the same lately?

For the other one you will have to click on this link... I promise its worth it em! I need to find someone to come to their show on Nov 27th with me. Otherwise I'll go all by myself and dance terribly all by myself... wait, maybe its better to go all by myself, no one to witness the atrocities of my dancing :)

PS - the song up top is "Neopolitan Dreams" by Lisa Mitchell, and the other one is "I like you so much better when you're naked" by Ida Maria.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pretty & Smart

This wallpaper from Camilla Diedrich is both absolutely gorgeous and has some sort of integration of smart - amazing - its not that terrible shade of glowing blue. Fantastic - I guess we are on our way. I found this via inhabitat...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Addicted to the Internet

So here I am in Berlin. And what do I do. Stay at my sweet hotel and hang out on the internet. Well not all day - just in the evening, after the conference I'm attending. I think I have an internet addiction, I couldn't get a connection all day and the only thing I could think about was checking my email. Its pretty sad if I do say so myself... I promise tomorrow I will be better - I will go out in the evening and see things I've never seen before. I will shed the heaviness of a day full of information and look and listen to the things I don't understand. My favorite thing so far about Berlin is the 'walk' and 'don't walk' men... To which I have learned is called the "Ampelmann" - and he has his own shop and everything!