Friday, 21 November 2008

About Nothing in particular

I thought I would post about nothing in particular - as I have reader(s?) that I need to entertain. Hmmm... Let me think of all the things I've done this week and do a little recap. On Monday - I can't remember what I did, I was at college I remember that, oh yeah, now I remember - I had a terribly unsuccessful artwork making day. boo to that. Tuesday I had a successful artwork making day, and I even did a couple of digital prints. Wednesday I went to a boring meeting, where I heard a great deal of stuff about the college, but I remember only one thing that Louise said that really stuck with me - that there needs to be room for glorious failure within education. I love the idea of glorious failure! It sounds absolutely beautiful, and intriguing and not safe at all. In the afternoon I played with the heat press in the print room. On Thursday I went to some lectures - one sucked and the other one was great. The one that was great was about Social Enterprise - and it was so great to hear about all sorts of ideas that can be made commercially viable, but make the world a slightly better place. Today I did some work, and I went to the bank, and I had a design epiphany - which I can't give away yet, because that's no fun, and I wouldn't want someone else to do it before I had a chance to do it. I guess that's it, and I hope you enjoyed my mini ramble about stuff you probably didn't care about. Oh the photo is from my galavant to the Tate Modern on Sunday where I indulged in my very favourite London activity - getting tea at the Tate, and wondering what colour combination of mug and teapot I'm going to get. Its the true highlight of my life (I must live a boring life... either that or I'm odd - I'm going to go with odd).

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