Saturday, 19 April 2008

Recyclable isn't enough!

Still reading... And I'm getting VERY annoyed with the word 'recyclable'.  What good is something that is 'recyclable' if there is no where to recycle it.  Why do we have a plethora of plastics in our packaging if only types 1 & 2 are easily recyclable?  I've been chatting with some friends in Toronto - who are in the midst of a new garbage and recycling plan - and they are having the hardest time with all of their garbage.  Its time to stand up to all those silly companies who say its 'recyclable'. If the facilities don't exist for consumers - it becomes landfill.  Just needed to say that.


Emmie said...

grarr i agree. it's so difficult to recycle! and there is so much uneccesary packaging >:( fruit and veg in plastic annoys me alot.

Emeline said...

Sing it sister! What I love is Number 6- only recyclable in Toronto... so even IF you put it in your recycling, it has to be shipped out to TO!
There needs to be a giant mass commercialization of all that potato starch material that composts in 60 days.

Emmie said...

what was the cardboard lampage you mentioned?