Sunday, 25 May 2008


After all this study, use and contemplation of waste, I still have no solution, I wish I did.  I do have one thing though and that is a bit more insight than before, but no more than most people.  One of the small but important observations I've made is that there is no away - there is a somewhere else... but there is no away.  You can't throw anything away - you can throw it somewhere else - but never away.  Everything will continue existing in one form or another - more beneficially or less, but it will never go away, and so we must be increasingly cautious on how we use our resources and how we think about waste.  I've been thinking about waste not as I used to, but it has opened the door to the contemplation of using it again and again and again.  Seeing it as a raw material, not something to be discarded.

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