Sunday, 12 October 2008

Happiness is...

After a long summer in London - I took a vacation. Two vacations actually - and I rediscovered what makes me very happy. The first one was a trip to Paris, where I spent 3 days wandering around and just discovering things. The second vacation was HOME. Every moment spent with my friends and all their little people made me so very happy. Highlights include witnessing Luca's FIRST STEPS, Matteo's adorable motioning meaning glasses, and cuddles while reading stories, Malcolm and Emery's giggles (baby giggles are absolutely delicious), Pheonix's amazing break dancing at the Studio 54 room at the Andy Warhol Exhibit, and cuddles with the sweet Earnest. And how could I forget the one thing that is so important, but its hardest to grasp, the absolute joy of being home, surrounded by familiar things and people who really like me. And the landscape and air. Oh my goodness, how nice it was to breathe actual oxygen - I'm not sure what I'm breathing in England, but it doesn't seem like air in comparison. The mountains were gorgeous, I loved every second - thank you to all of my lovely friends who made my time in Montreal so wonderful, give me 8 months and I'm going to try my very best to be back!!!

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Emeline said...

LOVING the new look! Thanks so much for your visit- you TRULY turned a sour day bright... turquoise?