Saturday, 18 December 2010


So... I did a couple of things I'm not so proud of today - but as is life sometimes (sigh). One of the things I found along my travels was the most AMAZING surprise piece of artwork outside of the MACM. I was talking to my mom on my mobile as I was doing some Christmas shopping, and I stepped outside and heard a funny crunch, not the crunch of snow, but one of great fragility. I looked down at my feet - and that little crunch was that of beautiful regular white eggs... but not silly old regular eggs - eggs filled with the most glorious gold glitter. I stood there for a little bit afraid to move, but mostly in awe of this wonderful interactive piece. I went back later that day and played with the glitter a bit - it was such an absolute surprise... A delight - I only wish I knew more about it. I have looked on the internet to no avail... I might have to even call the museum and find out - oh how much wonderment it brought me, and gave me a tiny bit of hope for beauty and surprise that might be possible for me (maybe just maybe). If I find a picture I will definitely post it, but you will have to imagine it - on a frigid day in winter - hundreds of little eggs, some whole and some cracked, with gold glitter all about, and is now still on my snowboots - a little memory from a bit of magic on a strange day in December.

UPDATE: I spoke with the people at MACM - and the piece was made by some students from UQAM, but they don't have anymore information than that - it was fantastic, and I wish I had a picture to share.

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