Thursday, 17 March 2011

Project Inspirations

In trying to figure out an economical method for storing all of my imaginary materials - I came across this image from Ferm Living:

Now it may not look like much at the moment, but I have a plan. My favorite thing to buy when I have cash in my wallet are empty wine crates from the local SAQ. They are beautiful wood, and they sell them for a very small sum of money for charity.

Step 1: Buy crates - use an oil rub to make them the same colour as the ones in the picture, and then line with some sort of textile - I think plain muslin or canvas should be sufficient for this project.

Step 2: Get them set up like this - or think about how this can be translated into a drawer type structure


.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

Why don't you make drawers out cardboard boxes with covered fabric? That is my plan for storage in my bathroom. Then I don't have to buy anything because I have all this fabric laying around.

ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

because that's so much work, and I would like them to look nicer than that. The boxes are only $5 each, and I'll only need a couple to start, and I'll build it as it goes.