Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ok Go's WTF

Visiting with my good friend Jenn of Seriously vs. Funny Haha, and we started in on some Ok Go videos, of which I had not seen before.  The WTF video is awesome, and some people have even been playing with making their own version of the code on Processing, the band even had their own programmer (Jonathan Bobrow)  create an app so they could create their own version of the video.  I downloaded, but it doesn't exclude the green background like in the real thing.  I think I will have to do a bit more research, and figure out how to do that in Processing - I'm sure it can be done, just might take me a few train rides.

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{ lj } said...

an ok go post! loovvveee it ;) if i havent mentioned before they are my fav band...and their videos are always so innovative...have you seen the primary colours video they did for sesame street?