Saturday, 10 November 2007

Radium... Not the good kind

As most of you know, my favorite place in the entire world (of the parts I've seen anyhow), is a little place called Radium in BC. Now, luckily this post has nothing to do with that Radium, but it does have to do with a small place named Port Radium in Nunavut. There is exploration going on for Uranium reserves pushed by France's nuclear industry, click here for the whole story. I'm starting to really believe that Canada needs to move away from the exploitation of our natural resources, and become more of a knowledge based economy. The north is taking a beating lately. The polar bears are struggling to survive, and this horrible story about the oil sands in Northern Alberta, and now increased uranium mining. There have been concerns of an increased occurrance of cancer in the area because of the mining. Check out this article for more information. Thanks treehugger for keeping me up to date!

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