Friday, 4 July 2008

Lovin' the Burda Style

Well you all know how much I like things that are all about sharing and making stuff. So Burda Style is definitely exactly my cup of tea! Basically its a bunch of patterns you can print-off from the website - most of them are free, a few cost a couple of dollars, but so much easier and cheaper than going to the fabric store and buying one. I made my first Burda Style pattern last week with the Eiffel Tower Fabric - its super cute, I'll devote a whole post to it when I fix the one thing that I'm annoyed with at the moment (there isn't anything wrong with the pattern, its just a colour thing that's all my fault). Some of the patterns are by Burda, and some of them are by individual users - all in all utterly fantastic! There is even a pattern for this Urban Hammock - very cool. And the pattern I have in the photo is this one...

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