Monday, 25 February 2008

book report time!

I think the book review might become a somewhat regular feature, depending on how often I read a whole book. Anyhow this week I read 'Green is the New Black' by Tamsin Blanchard. It was a pretty good book, the tone was not so great, it read like a London tabloid magazine (basically assumed little to no intelligence from the audience, and sounded very gossipy). The information that it held was great, but only if you live in London. It might have been more aptly named - Green Fashion for the High Fashion Twits of London. Some of the wording and referencing wouldn't make sense to anyone who doesn't live in the UK, I wouldn't have had a clue 3 months ago what half the book was talking about, or who. Maybe there needs to be a follow-up that is less Londoncentric, and deals with the issue as a whole, and gives global sources. I haven't checked out Tasmin Blanchard's blog yet, maybe that's going on over there... I guess I would have to be compelled to find it first, and I'm not really all that compelled. The resource list in the back is fantastic if you live in London or are visiting. All in all I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you are looking for a book on finding environmental fashion in London.

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