Saturday, 2 February 2008


As with all things 'green', or as I would like to think 'turquoise' (if you haven't heard, blue is the new green, and green is the new black, and I'm pushing it even further, with turquoise is the new blue... that was a horribly long sentence, sorry.). Alright, back to why I'm actually writing this posting. As with all things 'eco' and 'organic', textiles need their own regulatory standards so we can separate the the friendly fashion from the greenwashed (I wonder if I can say turquoisewashed yet?... I think it might be too early for that). So... I've finally found these illusive standards... Skal, or Eko, its rather unclear... I had never heard of it before, and I'm paying attention. These standards need a PR agent! The standsards are interesting, but somewhat difficult to read. I'll get through it though, eventually. I might need a chemist to help me understand some parts, but I'll persevere.

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