Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Sustainability Overload

So today was a really interesting day with lots and lots of information, maybe too much for one day. First a geometric workshop on pattern development with Rachel. Then a talk about sustainability with Carole, and then some TED talks - one about biomimicry by Janine Benyus, and then one about Cradle to Cradle design by Michael McDonough... Then after I escaped that I went off to and RSA talk about Arts and Ecology (which was excellent by the way). Everything about today was so utterly fantastic, and I don't think I've even started to process it all. Luckily I've written it all down for posterity... Now that I think about it, I'm going to write down a couple of the major themes from today for reflection... I know you're bored already, too bad. Themes: Overconsumption, water-use, closed loop manufacturing systems, art as a voice in the climate debate, chemical processing in textiles (the one that freaks me out the most), recycling, and last but not least... taking inspiration from nature. The one thing (especially after a day like today) Carole said, that I think I really need to keep at the top of my list is not to be afraid of it all so that nothing is done, but to start somewhere, that there is no right or wrong answer to sustainability, that its all a way forward.


Emeline said...

So right Steph! Every little bit counts... if everyone did 'just one thing' we'd already be in a better place!
I need to start another 'green' project... any ideas?
I am mailing you Mateo, that's cool right?

ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

Well by sending me Mateo, your family will be greener :) Let me know when he's going to arrive, so I know to be home to pick up the parcel... I don't think that one would fit through the slot. As for a 'green' project. Maybe starting some seedlings for the summer. It's getting to be time. I've never had any success, but you will probably be better at it than me (and you have all that worm poo to use)... I'm going to have to use mine soon too, and do a good sort. You should do something for Designsponge's contest!

ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...
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