Sunday, 15 June 2008

Little Green Trees

How glorious of a luxury - making stuff just for fun!  I made these two pieces, as well as started several others.  I tipped off to a really amazing shop in the process - the 4D Model shop.  Its amazing, its pretty much architectural modeling stuff - but to me its like a new form of art supply store, where I don't own everything already (dangerous I know). You can check out my little green trees on etsy too.  I'll be making more stuff soon - and I think I'm falling in love with the green flocking.  I've been thinking of only drawing trees from now on.  I know its not very realistic, but I really love drawing trees.


Emeline said...

Those trees are super cute!
Have you found a job?
Miss you,

Artist Anika said...

The trees look great in the frame. They may not be very realistic, but the frame combines with them to create an oriental feel. I like.