Saturday, 28 June 2008

Pretend Weekend

So I've put together a really great weekend of things I would do if Miss Em of Cochonet Rouge came to visit. I keep seeing things and thinking of her, so I thought it might be fun to play pretend.

Breakfast at Broadway Market, then after perusing all the goodies and shoppes and a meander through London Fields, off to Portobello Road Market for Antiques. And then in the late afternoon we would go to a whole bunch of the auction houses near Bond Street and look at all the wonderful things we could never afford, but would pretend to (Sotheby's is a must). Then for dinner - The Tate Modern for Dinner, the bookshop and all the wonderful art. Then out for drinks - of course, and if someone good was in town a gig.

Breakfast at St. Johns on Commercial Street, and then off to Columbia Road Flower Market, where we would both be in heaven among the flowers, hats and vintage crockery. Then lunch wherever. Then to quickly peruse Spitalfield Market, and off to Brick Lane to see what the cool kids are up to. Definitely stopping for a coffee. Then Curry for dinner at a random curry house, and then possibly going to see Avenue Q (I still want to see that).

I've missed out on a few things (all the fantastic normal stores, the V&A - oh that one we can't miss, so maybe that would be a Friday night thing, drinking in Shoreditch, seeing the awesome decor of Rich Mix, and of course the laid back style of Greenwich, the incredible boutiques in Kensington, and so many things I still don't know about) - but I only planned one weekend, so that will have to do. So Miss Em, if you read this, those are some of my favourite things that I think you would enjoy too.

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Emeline said...

I'm buying my ticket right now!!
Miss you too, lady!