Tuesday, 4 March 2008

My Garbage Update

I have a new little sub-blog about my garbage... I'm attempting to not create any un-recyclable or un-compostable waste, and to use not only my garbage, but other people's to create some wicked-awesome stuff. There will be lots of regular features, like The Daily Dumpster Dive, Recipes From the Gluten Free Kitchen, and Sources. I've found that my biggest issue with garbage is the packaging, so hence the recipes, and pictures of the things I bake. So check it out here.

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Dayle & Adrian Questionmark said...

I've just been reading your blogs and it's so great what you're doing! Sounds like you're living life to the fullest and enjoying yourself (maybe we'll make it out to London someday too!). Our roomies just had an Earth Hour dinner by candlelight last night and we had a big discussion about the packaging thing- here we are trying to make a difference, sorting toilet rolls, etc, when entire shopping malls and businesses turn a blind eye to their own lack of recycling programs. Yarrrrr.
Anyway, just a little Earth Hour rant. Happy belated birthday and miss you heaps!