Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Things not TO DO today.

I'm sure trying, but I'm trying really hard NOT to do instead of doing today. I'm treating this lovely Tuesday as a Sunday, and pretending that there are no stores open. Its my birthday in 2 days, and I still have not received a single card, and I have been informed by many that an e-card will be all that I'm receiving this year. So #1 on the list - DO NOT want real cards... they are just mushed up trees with a picture on them. So another thing I'm trying NOT to do today is pretty much anything... With no plans, I'm not in the mood to do much. So #2 on the list - DO NOT feel guilty about a bit of nothing. And lastly, its about conspicuous consumption... I was reading a new blog linked by Cochonet Rouge... Habitually Chic, has beautiful pictures of beautiful people and spaces... So #3 on the list - DO NOT strive for the unattainable, and most of all the incredibly fake.

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.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

Hey man - give us a break! You are just as bad about getting cards in the mail :P