Saturday, 30 May 2015

A beautiful hour at the British Museum

Jumping around a bit in how things went down.  I went to the British Museum for an hour, as I was looking for someone who works there and was hoping she was there - I did not find her if she was there (If I had a phone in the UK, things might have been simpler, but I like that there is a bit of difficulty, keeps me on my toes).  Anyone who knows me knows I call the British Museum 'The British Museum of Stolen Stuff', and often don't visit because of that - but as I was there anyhow I thought I'd look around, and there was a visiting exhibition on Bark Cloth from the Pacific.  It was AMAZING!  Most of the pieces are from the 1800's and so contemporary in design which makes me wonder how much of our 'hand' is intrinsic.  I'll stop talking and put some pretty pictures now.

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