Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Going Backwards

So as I would hate to be logical - I'll tell you all about Day 1 in London!

Day 1 was all about Brick Lane and the Spitalfield Market - 2 out of 3 of my favourite things to do on a Sunday in London (it was too late to go to the flower market, as we got to the East end after 3)

The highlight - while wonderful to find the chaos has not changed, was running into an old friend on a small street between the two markets

It was completely unexpected, and so incredibly lovely to be welcomed be it accidentally by Christian Nyampeta to London, out of the millions of people in this city I find one of my people - absolutely amazing! (I have another story like this I'll share another time)

Found my favourite store, Labour & Wait, as it had moved and bought the most lovely vintage marmalade jar, and trolled for trousers with Iryna

East London is alive and well with young cutting edge fashion and its rawness is still inspiring!

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