Sunday, 31 May 2015

Oh to be at the Tate

As I'm sure I've mentioned - this whole trip was a bit of a strange occurence where I was at once reliving my past as well as finding how things had changed - the Tate was no different.

I first arrived and decided to do the one thing I always did when I was having a terrible day (not that I was, just that it was my favourite thing to do in all of London - other than go to the V&A of course). I wrote about it back in 2008 and there is a nice picture of why I loved it so much.  I guess it could never be the same, but was a good start anyhow.

I then started trudging through the galleries hardly looking at anything, more of a searching for my favourite pieces - 480x10x10 by Miroslaw Balka and Jean Arp's Sculpture to be lost in the Forest.  Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found - but are off travelling just like me.  In the process of looking for them I found something even nicer - Jonathan, one of the most lovely First Year Marketing Students - just hanging out, and after my run in with Christian last week I was not that surprised, though Jonathan was.  I told him all the fantastic things to do in London, way too quickly without any paper or a pen, so I'm not sure how much of it he would have remembered, but what a lovely occurrence. The world is small.
 I love this - so much, I wonder what else it could be?

  This series was the most related to apparel of anything I saw, mostly I loved seeing her process, so very interesting

 The crack - to the initiated, I need to say no more - God that was the best!

. The new building at the Tate - I can't wait until it's finished - MORE ROOM FOR ART!

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